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Achilles, Ellie b 2015 (Australia) [family tree]
Achilles, Hudson b 2013 (Australia) [family tree]
Achilles, Katherine Tamsin
Achilles, Thomas Kimjan
Anderson, Beverley Jane b 1971 [family tree]
Anderson, Rodney Owen Moncreith b 1973 [family tree]
Andreoni, Alessandro b 1977 (Italy) [family tree]
Andreoni, Elena b 2011 (Italy) [family tree]
Askew, Emma [family tree]
Askew, William Douglas b 2002 [family tree]
Barnard Adeline Elizabeth b 1965 (South Africa/Australia) [family tree]
Barnard, Harrison Francis b 2018 (South Africa) [family tree]
 Barnard, Jacobus Marthinus b 1967(South Africa/Ireland) [family tree]
Barnard, Marthinus Christoffel b 1992 (South Africa) [family tree]
Barnard, Pieter Stephanus b 1996 (South Africa) [family tree]
Barrett-Lennard, Alice b 2022 (Australia) [family tree]
Barrett-Lennard, Edmund George [family tree]
Barrett-Lennard, Marika Joan [family tree]
Barkworth, Carson Edward b 2009 (Australia) [ family tree]
Barkworth, Reese Leary [family tree]
Barkworth, Regan Campbell [family tree]
Bate, Ainsley b 1992 (Australia) [family tree]
Bate, Dominic b 1994 (Australia) [family tree]
Bate, Eleanor b 1959 (Australia) [family tree]
Bate, Elison Leslie b 1990 (Australia) [family tree]
Bate, Marianne Julie b 1955 (Australia) [family tree]
Bate, Michael John M b 1957 (Australia) [family tree]
Bate, Rowena Ann b 1963 (Australia) [family tree]
Bell, Andrew Barry b 1971 [family tree]
Bell, Hamish b 2001 [family tree]
Bell, Jason Scott b 1973 [family tree]
Bennett, Ami b 1977 (Australia) [family tree]
Bennett, Emily b 1975 (Australia) [family tree]
Bennett, Grace b 1979 (Australia) [family tree]
Best, Sally
Bloemink, Caron [South Africa] [family tree]
Bloemink, Steven [South Africa] [ family tree]
Bloemink, Clive [South Africa] [family tree]
Blom, Armand b 2018 (South Africa) [family tree]
Blyth, Heidi
Blyth, Cate
Bolton, Camilla Grace b 1998
Bolton, Emily Rose b 2000 [family tree]
Botha, Anneke Beth b 1993 (South Africa/Canada) [family tree]
Botha, Gert Viljoen b 1963 (South Africa/Canada) [family tree]
Botha, Heather Claire b 1999 (South Africa/Canada) [family tree]
Botha, Julie b 1967 (South Africa) [family tree]
Botha Stephen Brian b 1999 (South Africa/Canada) [family tree]
Bowden, Barbara b 1943 (South Africa) [family tree]
Bowden, James Henry b 1911
Bowden, Mavis b 1907
Bowden, Valerie (South Africa) [family tree]
Brand, Fiona Jane b 1971[family tree]
Brand, Mathew Peter b 1973[family tree]
Branson, Susanna
Bromley, Mackenzie [australia] b 2006 [family tree]
Brown, Cale Alexander b 1985
Brown, Holly-May Astar b 1988
Bryant, Mary
Calder, Ernst b 1872 (South Africa) [family tree]
Calder, Selina b 1869 (South Africa) [family tree]
Camfield, Beverley Jean (Australia) [family tree]
Camfield, Bianca Jane (Australia) [family tree]
Camfield, Heather Joy (Australia) [family tree]
Camfield, Ian Stuart (Australia) [family tree]
Camfield, John Stuart (Australia) [family tree]
Camfield, Michelle Anne (Australia) [family tree]
Carron (surname unknown) (South Africa) [family tree]
Chapman, Jane Alexander (England) [family tree]
Chapman, Judith Ann (England) [family tree]
Clive (surname unknown) South Africa [family tree]
Chittenden, Oscar [family tree]
Chittenden, Eva Cecile [family tree]
Classens, John (South Africa) [family tree]
Coghill, George Arthur b 2018 [family tree]
Coghill, Indiana Rose (Australia) [family tree]
Collins Maria Anne [family tree] [notes]
Cook, Alison b 1952 [Australia] [family tree]
Cook, Anita Catherina b 1977 (australia)'[family tree]
Cook, Ian b 1950 (Australia) [family tree]
Cook, Michelle Alison b 1984(Australia) [family tree]
Cook, Nicholas Laurence b 1979 (Australia) [ family tree]
Coveney, Nicholas Paul b 1992
Coveney, Timothy Michael b 1995
Curlewes, Fulke (England)
Curlewes, George (England)
Curlewes, John b c 1570 ( England) [family tree]
Curlewis (Town, NSW Australia)
Curlewis, Adam (Eng) b 2000 [family tree]
Curlewis, Adelaide Mathilda b 1868 (Argentina) [family tree]
Curlewis, Adelaide Pitt b 2004 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis,Adrian Herbert b 1901 - 1985 (Australia) [family tree] : [notes]
Curlewis, Adrian b 1971 [family tree]
Curlewis, Agnes b 1891 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Agnes H Montgomery ( South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Agnes [family tree]
Curlewis, Aidan (Australia) b 1984 [family tree]
Curlewis, Aiden b 2004 (England) [family tree]
Curlewis, Albert Charles b 1895 (England) [family tree]
Curlewis, Alfred Charles
Curlewis, Alfred Claribeau (Australia)[family tree] : [notes]
Curlewis, Alfred William ( Australia)[ family tree] : [notes]
Curlewis, Alice Dorothy [famly tree]
Curlewis, Alida b c 1878 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Amanda b 1957 [family tree]
Curlewis, Amanda b 1971 [family tree]
Curlewis, Amy Page b 2006 [family tree]
Curlewis, Andrew South Africa b 1983 [family tree]
Curlewis, Andrew [ family tree]
Curlewis, Andrew (Eng) b 1967 [family tree]
Curlewis, Andrew Campbell [family tree]
Curlewis, Anet (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Anna b 1875 UK [family tree]
Curlewis, Anne [family tree]
Curlewis, Anne (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Annie Victoria b 1866 (Argentina) [family tree]
Curlewis, Anthea b 1959 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Anton
Curlewis.Arthur Basil  b 1919 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Arthur Edward b 1892 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Arthur Frederick b 1898 (England) [family tree]
Curlewis, Arthur Grenville [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Arthur Claribeau: family tree : [notes]
Curlewis, Arthur L b 1900 (UK) [family tree]
Curlewis, Ashley Lauren b 2001 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Athelstan Burnham b 1876 [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Barbara UK [family tree]
Curlewis, Basil James b 1923 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Basil James b 1962 (South Africa/AbuDhabi UAE) [family tree]
Curlewis, Beatrice Doreen
Curlewis, Ben Michael b 1988 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Beryl Agnes (Eng) b 1946 [family tree]
Curlewis, Bethany b 1997 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Blake Terrence b 2011 (aust) [family tree]
Curlewis, Brian Hamilton b 1963 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Brian Burnham b 1907 (Australia) [family tree] 

Curlewis, Brian John (Eng) b 1939 [family tree]
Curlewis, Brian [family tree]
Curlewis, Bridget b 1966 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Brooke b 1980 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Casey-Jade b 2008 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Catherine Louise b 1986 (Australia) [family tree]

Curlewis, Charen South Africa [family tree]
Curlewis, Charlene Elsabe Helfrich [family tree]
Curlewis, Charles Herbert [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Charley Georgina UK b 1999 [family tree]
Curlewis, Cherene b 1983 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Christina Elizabeth b 1881 (South Africa)  [family tree]
Curlewis, Christine (England)  [family tree]
Curlewis, Claire Constance
Curlewis, Claude b1878 (england) [family tree]
Curlewis, Claude Campbell
Curlewis, Clinton South Africa [family tree]
Curlewis, Clive Brian b 1959 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Clive Pemberton
Curlewis, Colleen
Curlewis, Colin Burnham b 1987 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Connor (Eng) b 1995 [family tree]
Curlewis, Craig Brian b 1952 [family tree]
Curlewis, Cynthia Joan b 1946 [family tree]
Curlewis, Cyril Clifford b 1931 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, David [family tree]
Curlewis, David (South Africa/New Zealand)  b 1981[family tree]
Curlewis, David Llewellyn b 1959 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, David Richard b 1949[family tree]
Curlewis, Dennis John [family tree]
Curlewis, Desmond Gordon b 1949 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Desmond Gordon b 1984 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Dina Campbell b 1951[family tree]
Curlewis, Earnest b 1885 UK [family tree]
Curlewis, Edgar [family tree] : [notes]
Curlewis, Edgar Alfred b 1864 (Argentina) [family tree]
Curlewis, Edgar Burnham b 1871 [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Edith Maude b 1893 (South Africa) [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Edward b 1738 [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Edward Herbert b 1898 (England) [family tree]
Curlewis, Elijah James b 2013 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Elizabeth b? (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Elisabeth Mary b 1944 [family tree]
Curlewis, Eliza Adelaide b 1833[family tree]
Curlewis, Elizabeth Jessie
Curlewis, Elizabeth Rose Campbell b 1976 [family tree]
Curlewis, Ellen
Curlewis, Ellen (england) b 1877 [family tree]
Curlewis, Ellen Frances Jane b. 1844 [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Ellen Jessie b 1835 (England/Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Eric Frederick (HK) b 1960 [family tree]
Curlewis, Ethel Jean b 1989 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Etresia b 1956 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Eugene Martin [family tree]
Curlewis, Eyre D b 1882
Curlewis, Fannie Jessie Mary Hall [family tree]
Curlewis, Fara Campbell [family tree]
Curlewis, Finn b 2007 (England) [family tree]
Curlewis, Fletcher Burnham, b 2017 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Florence Burnham b 1892 [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Florence E b. 1870
Curlewis, Frances Elizabeth  b 1963 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Frances Smith b 1843 [family tree]
Curlewis, Frederick
Curlewis, Frederick Charles b 1842(Australia) [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Frederick Charles b 1846 (England) [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis Frederick Charles b. 1876 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Frederick David [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Frederick James (Eng) b 1910 [family tree]
Curlewis, Freya (eng) b 2002 [family tree]
Curlewis, Fulke d 1577 [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Gale South Africa [family tree]
Curlewis, Gary Richard UK b 1959 [family tree]
Curlewis, Geoffrey b 1931
Curlewis, Geoffrey Douglas
Curlewis, George b 1904 (England) [family tree]
Curlewis, George b? (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, George fl 1598[family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, George d 1674 [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, George Campbell b 1803 [family tree] : [notes]
Curlewis, George Campbell b 1854 [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, George Campbell b 1890 [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, George Campbell (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, George Campbell (South Africa) [family tree[
Curlewis, George Edward b 1837 (Australia) [family tree] : [notes]
Curlewis, George Edward b 1867 (South Africa) [ family tree]
Curlewis, George Edward b 1871
Curlewis, George Stephen b 1820 [family tree]
Curlewis, Georgina Campbell b 1852 [family tree]
Curlewis, Gerbreght Elizabeth [family tree]
Curlewis, Gertrude b 1871 (England) [family tree]
Curlewis, Gordon Levason [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Grace (England) b 1880 [family tree]
Curlewis, Graham (Eng) b 1969 [family tree]
Curlewis, Gregor Roy (South Africa) b. 1998 [family tree]
Curlewis, Gregory b 1963 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Hamish Adrian b 2001 [family tree]
Curlewis, Hannah b 1875 UK [family tree]
Curlewis, Harold Burnham b 1874 [family tree]; [notes]
Curlewis, Harry b 1869 (England) [family tree]
Curlewis, Harry Ewart b 1893 (England) [family tree]
Curlewis, Harry Carr b 1845 (england) [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Harry Charles, b 1843 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Henry Charles b 1800 [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Henry Charles b 1824 [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Henry Stephen Phillip b 1895 (South Africa): [family tree]
Curlewis, Henry William [family tree]
Curlewis, Herbert b 1874 (england) [family tree]
Curlewis, Herbert Raine [family tree]
Curlewis, Hilda (South Africa)[family tree]
Curlewis, Hilda (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Hubert Campbell Peter b 2012 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Ian Adrian b 1929 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Ian Campbell b 1944[family tree]
Curlewis, Ivan South Africa b 1895 (South Africa)  [family tree] ; [notes]
Curlewis, Ivan South Africa b 1949 (South Africa)  [family tree]
Curlewis, Ivy Annie Harriet Maude b 1927 (England) [family tree]
Curlewis, Jack Turner [family tree]
Curlewis, Jaimee b 1970 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, James b 1804 (England) [family tree]
Curlewis, James b 1922 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, James b. 1956 South Africa [family tree]
Curlewis, James Frederick b 1833 (South Australia)  [family tree]
Curlewis, James Frederick b 1876 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, James Frederic Ian b 1950 (South Africa/Australia)[family tree]
Curlewis, James Frederic Inglis b 1861 (South Africa ) [family tree]
Curlewis, James Frederick Inglis b 1946 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, James Frederic Owen b 1906 [family tree]
Curlewis, James Walter b 1852 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, James  (South Africa)  [family tree]
Curlewis, James Walter b 1968 [family tree]
Curlewis, Jane b 1965
Curlewis, Janet Marie b 1965 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Janita
Curlewis, Jayne Carmel
Curlewis, Jean (Ethel) b 1989 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Jean Carlyle [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Jean-Marie [family tree]
Curlewis, Jeanette b 1935 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Jessie family tree: [notes]
Curlewis, Jim Thomas b 1981
Curlewis, Jocelyn Lesley
Curlewis, Johanna Jacoba b 1884 (South Africa)  [family tree]
Curlewis, Johannes Jacobus Minnaar b 1887 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Johannes Sloane (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Johanna Susannah b ? (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Jonathon
Curlewis, John (South Africa) b 1894 [family tree]
Curlewis, John  b. 1863 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, John d 1724? [family tree]
Curlewis, John South Africa [family tree]
Curlewis, John b 1676 [family tree]
Curlewis, John Edward b 1839 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, John Barry b 1962 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, John Burnham b 1904 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, John Claribeau [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, John Henry Campbell [family tree]
Curlewis, John Pike Campbell [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, John George [family tree]
Curlewis, John Paul UK b 1967 [family tree]
Curlewis, John Stephen (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, John Stephen b 1863 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, John Thomas b 1794 [family tree]
Curlewis, Julie b 1954 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Julie (Eng) b 1973 [family tree]
Curlewis, Karen Hamilton b 1963 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Karina b 1991 HK [family tree]
Curlewis, Kate Elaine b 1988
Curlewis, Kathleen Burnham b 1903
Curlewis, Katinka b 1969 [family tree]
Curlewis, Kaylen b. 1993 [family tree]
Curlewis Keagan b 1995 [family tree]
Curlewis, Keegan b 1997 (South Africa) [family tree]

Curlewis, Ken d 1915 [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Kenneth (Australia) b 1933 [family tree]
Curlewis, Kenneth Sidney UK b 1933 [family tree]
Curlewis, Kylie Ann b 1984 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Lauren South Africa b 1989 [family tree]
Curlewis, Lauren Australia b 1988 [family tree]
Curlewis, Leigh South Africa [family tree]
Curlewis, Lenett, South Africa [family tree]
Curlewis, Leonard Burnham b 1889
Curlewis, Leshan [family tree]
Curlewis, Leslie Graham
Curlewis, Leslie James South Africa [family tree]
Curlewis, Leslie John South Africa [family tree]
Curlewis, Lila May [notes]
Curlewis, Linda South Africa [family tree]
Curlewis, Llewellyn  b 1888 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Llewellyn b 1926 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Llewellyn Brian b 1966 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Llewelyn Gray [family tree]
Curlewis, Loxley Basil b 2021 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Lucy b 1975 [family tree]
Curlewis, Lucy Bea b 2010 (New Zealand) [family tree]
Curlewis, Luisa
Curlewis, Luke Orion b 1987 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Marc James b 1980 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Margaret Angela b 1959 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Margaret Burnham
Curlewis, Margaret Elizabeth b 1932 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Margaret Matilda b 1849 [ family tree]
Curlewis, Maria Ann Stevens b. 1846 [ family tree]
Curlewis, Maria Grazie (Italy) b 1952 [family tree]
Curlewis, Maria Kathleen [family tree]
Curlewis, Marie [family tree]
Curlewis, Mariete [family tree]
Curlewis, Mark (Australia) b 1961 [family tree]
Curlewis, Mary Adelaide
Curlewis, Mary Ann [family tree]
Curlewis, Mary Caroline [family tree]
Curlewis, Mary Constance [family tree][notes]
Curlewis, Mary Louisa b  1836 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Mary Steavens
Curlewis, Matilda b 1840 (England) [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Matilda Emma [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Matilda Rose b 2014 [family tree]
Curlewis, Matilda b 1840 (England) [family tree]
Curlewis, Matthew b 1964 (Australia/Netherlands) [family tree]
Curlewis.Maude b 1868 (England) [family tree]
Curlewis, Maurice Piscone [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Mavis b 1916 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Megan Janet b 1952
Curlewis, Micheal b? (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Michelle b 1964 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Michael (eng) [family tree]
Curlewis, Miguel b 1981 [ family tree]
Curlewis, Nancy Adrian
Curlewis, Naomi b 1993 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Nigel Unwin
Curlewis, Norman Burnham b 1878
Curlewis, Norman Charles (Eng) b 1935 [family tree]
Curlewis, Norman George (Eng) b 1910 [family tree]
Curlewis, Olivia (South Africa) b 1983 [family tree]
Curlewis, Oliver Burnham b 1878 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Oliver Cyril b 2005 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Maria Aletta b 1917 (South Africa)  [family tree]
Curlewis, Pamela b 1931 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Percy O'Brien
Curlewis, Peter Andrew (HK) b 1964 [family tree]
Curlewis, Peter Antony
Curlewis, Peter Campbell
Curlewis, Philippa b 1932 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Phillip John (HK) b 1963 [family tree]
Curlewis, Ray Pemberton [family tree]
Curlewis, Rex Drewry b 1887
Curlewis, Richard Jeffries Burnham b 1917
Curlewis, Ritchie
Curlewis, Ritchie b 1826 [family tree]
Curlewis, Ritchie Arthur b 1863 (Argentina) [family tree]
Curlewis, Robert
Curlewis, Robert (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Robert b 1988 (South Africa/Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Robert Blackrock [family tree]
Curlewis, Robert Burnham b 1922 [family tree]
Curlewis, Robert Gray (South Africa) b 1873 [family tree]
Curlewis, Robert Gray b 1914 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Robert Gray (South Africa)[family tree]
Curlewis, Robert Gray (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Robin b 1947
Curlewis, Robin Carlyle
Curlewis, Ronald Frederick (Eng) b 1937 [family tree]
Curlewis, Rowan Burnham
Curlewis, Rowena Mary Leith
Curlewis, Ryan Clive b 1994 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Sally Ann b 1990 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Sarah b 1990 (South Africa/Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Sarah Ann b 1846 (South Africa)  [family tree]
Curlewis, Sarah Elizabeth
Curlewis, Sarah Gray b 2015 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Sarah Isabelle b 1806 (England/Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Sarah Louisa b 1865 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Sarah Matilda
Curlewis, Sari Campbell [family tree]
Curlewis, Selwyn Lord [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Selwyn Hall b 1880
Curlewis, Selwyn Lupton b 1900 [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Septimus Lord [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Sharon b 1961 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Sidney Ernest (UK) b 1907 [family tree]
Curlewis, Steavons Lupton:family tree : [notes]
Curlewis, Stephen b 1845 (England) [family tree]
Curlewis, Stephen (england) b 1875 [family tree]
Curlewis, Stephen Henry de Villiers b 1928 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Stephen Henry de Villiers b 1966 [family tree]
Curlewis, Surrett [family tree]
Curlewis, Susan [notes]
Curlewis, Susan Ellen b 1846 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Susan [family tree]
Curlewis, Susanna Marie b 1798 (England) [family tree]
Curlewis, Susannah Johanna b ? (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Susanna Wilhelmina b 1908 [family tree]
Curlewis, Tanya Campbell b 1946 [family tree]
Curlewis, Tara Jewell b 1961 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Tara Mia (South Africa) b 1975 [family tree]
Curlewis, Theo John (Australia) b 2014 [family tree]

Curlewis, Tim b 1994 (Australia) [family tree]

Curlewis, Timothy Geoffrey
Curlewis, Thomas b? (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Tom Burnham b 1919 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Tom Rowan b 1983 (Australia) [family tree]

Curlewis, Una Grace [family tree]
Curlewis, Vanessa
Curlewis, Vaness Holloway b 1960 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Walter: b 1804  family tree : [notes]
Curlewis, Walter (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Walter (South Africa) [family tree
Curlewis, Walter (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Walter Henry b 1837 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Walter Henry b 1849 [family tree]
Curlewis, Walter Henry (South Africa) b 1948 [family tree]
Curlewis, Walter Henry b 1889 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Wayne b 1961 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis, Wayne Desmond b 1970 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Wilfred Andrew b 1924 (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, Willem Johannes [family tree]
Curlewis, William (London) b c 1700 [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, William Edward b 1789 [family tree] : [notes]
Curlewis, William Clifford b 1956  (South Africa) [family tree]
Curlewis, William (England) b 1881 [family tree]
Curlewis, William Edgar
Curlewis, William Edward 1844 (South Africa) [family tree] 
Curlewis, William Edward b 1818 [family tree]
Curlewis, William Edward (England) b 1845 [family tree]
Curlewis, William Henry [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, William Henry b 1881 UK [family tree]
Curlewis, William John Campbell b 1979 [family tree]
Curlewis, William Pike Campbell [family tree] [notes]
Curlewis, Willow Campbell Nigella b 2007 [family tree]
Curlewis, Winifred Louise b 2023 (Australia) [family tree]
Curlewis-Mesegueur, Claire b 2020 (Australia/Spain) [family tree]
Curlewis- Mesegueur, James b ? (Australia/Spain) [family tree]
Curlewis-Mesegueur, Lola b? (Australia/Spain) [family tree]
Dal Pra, Christopher Ian [family tree]
Dal Pra, Julie Michelle [family tree]
Dal Pra, Mark Peter [family tree]
Dal Pra, Susan Maree [family tree]
de Jager, Gerbrand [family tree]
de Ville, Anna Magdalena b ? (South Africa) [family tree]
de Ville, Christina Petronella b 1858 (South Africa) [family tree]
de Ville, Christine [family tree]
de Ville, Catharina Maria born? (South Africa) [family tree]
de Ville, Ellen Susan b 1874 (South Africa) [family tree]
de Ville, Francina Dorothea born ? (South Africa) [family tree]
de Ville, Gertrude [family tree]
de Ville, James [family tree]
de Ville, James Curlewis b 1862 (South Africa)  [family tree]
de Ville, Maria Christina b 1872 (South Africa) [family tree]
de Ville, Maria Louisa b 1898 (South Africa) [family tree]

de Ville, Marian Mary [family tree]
de Ville, Mary Louisa b 1866 (South Africa) [family tree]
de Ville, Mary Louisa b 1898 (South Africa) [family tree]
de Viller, Paul Roux b? (South Africa) [family tree]
de Ville, Pieter Bernardus b 1864 (South Africa) [family tree]

de Ville, Peter [family tree]
de Ville, Sarah Johanna b 1870 (South Africa) [family tree]
de Ville, Susannah Margaretha b 1868 (South Africa)  [family tree]
Dempsey, Craig (Australia) [family tree]
Dempsey, Judy (Australia) [family tree]
Dempsey, Kathryn [Australia] [ family tree]
Dempsey, Lariane (Australia) [family tree]
Dempsey, Paul (Australia) [family tree]
Dempsey, Ray (Australia) [family tree]
Dempsey, Selwyn [Australia] [family tree]
Denton, Allison b 2012 (South Africa/New Zealand) [family tree]
Denton, Julia b 1973 (South Africa/New Zealand) [family tree]
Denton, Terence Stephen Allan  1970 (South Africa/New Zealand) [family tree]
Dolman, Asha Jonothan[family tree]
Dolman, Bo Hunter [family tree]
Dolman, Cory Joshua [family tree]
Dorrough, Jarrad [family tree]
Dreyer, Celeste Fern b 1931 (South Africa) [family tree]
Dreyer, Eve b 1932 (South Africa) [family tree]
Dreyer, Francis b 1936 (South Africa) [family tree]
du Bois, Luke Stephen b 1994 (South Africa) [family tree]
du Bois Shane Nicola b 1997 (South Africa) [family tree]
du Plessis, Adeline b 1973 (South Africa) [family tree]
du Plessis, Cornelia Susanna b 1915 (South Africa) [family tree]
du Plessis, Cynthia Cornelia b 1947 (South Africa/New Zealand) [family tree]
du Plessis Elizabeth b 1917 (South Africa) [family tree]
du Plessis, Frederick b 1988 (South Africa) [family tree]
du Plessis, George Campbell  b 1912 (South Africa) [family tree]
du Plessis, Irene Elizabeth b 1943 (South Africa) [family tree]
du Plessis, James (South Africa) [family tree]
du Plessis, Johannes Daniel Herman b 1938 (South Africa) [family tree]

du Plessis, Susanna Elizabeth b 1963 (South Africa) [family tree]
du Plessis, Rinette (South Africa) [family tree]
du Toit, Agnes [South Africa] (family tree)
du Toit, Barbara [South Africa] (family tree)
du Toit, Hilda [South Africa] (family tree)
du Toit, Neil [South Africa] (family tree)
Dunlop, Anna Marion [family tree]
Dunlop, Hamish William Curlewis [family tree]
Dunlop, Hugh Robert Tange
Dunlop, Iain William Curlewis [family tree]
Dunlop, Jonathon James Curlewis [family tree]
Dunlop, Katherine Julia
Dunlop, Robert Andrew Forsyth
Dunlop, William Thomas Grove
Elmore-Jones, John b 1975 (UK) [family tree]
Elmore-Jones, Katherine b ? (UK) [family tree]
Elmore-Jones, Michael b 1947 (UK) [family tree]
Elmore-Jones, Wendy b 1942 (UK) [family tree]
Evans, Hayley Nikita b 2002 (Australia) [family tree]
Evans, Deacon James b 2005 (Australia) [family tree]
Findlay, Pearl Violet Susan Margaret Bentley b 1897 (South Africa) [family tree]
Fitchett, Kenneth born 1929 (England) [family tree]
Fitchett, Roland born 1931 (England) [family tree]
Fitzpatrick, Michael (Eng) b 1973 [family tree]
Flores, Eduardo (Italy) [family tree]
Flores, Enrico b 1888 (Italy) [family tree]
Flores, Enrico Micael b 1946 (Italy) [family tree]
Flores, Filippo b 1971 (Italy) [family tree]
Flores, Franca (Italy) [family tree]
Flores, Francesco b 1890 (Italy) [family tree] [notes]
Flores, Francesco b 1970 (Brazil) [family tree]
Flores, Francesco b 1936 (Italy) [family tree]
Flores, Gerardo b 1905 (Italy) [family tree]
Flores, Giorgio b 1936 (Italy) [family tree]
Flores, Laura b 1996 (Holland) [family tree]
Flores, Mara b 1998 (Holland) [family tree]
Flores, Matteo b 2012 (Italy) [family tree]
Flores, Nicole b 2009 (Brazil) [family tree]
Flores, Paulo Ugo b 1976 (Brazil) [family tree]
Flores, Ricardo b 1889 [family tree]
Flores, Sytske b 1973 (Holland) [family tree]
Forsyth, Andrew Dymock
Forsyth, Andrew Pemberton Magnay
Forsyth, Annabel Claire
Forsyth, Christine Cecile
Forsyth, Edward Dymock Wileman
Forsyth, James Curlewis
Forsyth,Joaquim (Australia) [family tree]
Forsyth, John Ferguson Dymock
Forsyth, John Pemberton Curlewis
Forsyth, Julia Mary
Forsyth, Nadia b 2006 [family tree]
Forsyth, Sydney Curlewis b 2009 (Australia) [family tree]
Friend, Louisa (Australia) [family tree]]
Furlong, Andrea Louise b 1976
Furlong, Catherine Julie b 1970
Furlong, Elizabeth Ann b 1973
Gamage, Tegan Australia (Australia) [family tree]
Gibbons, Brent [family tree]
Gibbons, Courtney Jade [family tree]
Gibbs, Emma [Australia] [family tree]
Gibbs, Kylie [Australia] [family tree]
Gibbs, Victoria [Australia] [family tree]
Gledhill, Hannah
Goodfellow, Henry Peter Joseph b 2002 [family tree]
Goodfellow, Zara Mary Mabel b 2005 [family tree]
Grasby, Danielle Larice b 1982
Grasby, Darcy b 2009 (Australia) [family tree]
Grasby, David Catton
Grasby, Erin Margaret b 1979
Grasby, John Catton b 1931
Grasby, Michael Catton b 1954
Grasby, Warren Catton
Grasby, William Catton b 1931Gray, Colin (Australia) [family tree]
Gray, Daniel (Australia) [family tree]
Gray, Elliot (Australia) [family tree]
Gray, Geoff (Australia) [family tree]
Gray, Gretah (Australia) [family tree]
Gray, Hamish (Australia) [family tree]
Gray, Jannah (Australia) [family tree]
Gray, Jenni (Australia) [family tree]
Gray, Jeremy (Australia) [family tree]
Gray, Ken (Australia) [family tree]
Gray, Liam (Australia) [family tree]
Gray, Rebecca (Australia) [family tree]
Greenhalgh, Bryn Barrett
Greenhalgh, Hayley
Greenhalgh, Madeleine
Gutteridge, Adrian Noel
Gutteridge, Anita Elizabeth
Gutteridge, Ian Noel
Gutteridge, Ian Robert
Gutteridge, Morrison John b 2009 [Australia] family tree
Gutteridge, Ross Curlewis b 1948 (Australia) [family tree]
Hafner, Etienne (South Africa) [family tree]
Hafner, Pieter Bernardus (South Africa) [family tree]
Hall, Matilda Martha Burnie
Halliday, Angus James William [family tree]
Halliday, Emily Helen Kitty
Halliday, Henry George Albert
Halling, Jack [family tree]
Halling, Katie [family tree]
Hamilton, Adam Daniel b 1999
Hamilton, Benjamin Peter b 2002
Hamilton, Rachel Marie b 2004
Haril, Eden Rina Australia [family tree] b 2010
Haril, Eliana Sarah Australia, [family tree] b 2006
Haril, Joshua Australia [family tree] b 2008
Hartley, Albert b 1871 (England) [ family tree]
Hartley, Alfred Earnest b 1880 (England) [family tree]
Hartley, Frances Alice b 1904 (England) [family tree]
Hartley, Graham b 1943 (England) [family tree]
Hartley, Henry b 1873 (England) [family tree]
Hartley, Joseph b 1866 (England) [family tree]
Hartley, Leanord b 1909 (England) [family tree]
Hartley, Ralph Ernest b 1919 died 1974 (England) [family tree]
Hartley, Ruby born 1922 died 1985 (England) [family tree]
Hartley, Susannah b 1877 (England) [family tree]
Higgins, Edwina
Higgins, Fiona
Higgins, Isabelle
Hill, Timothy Alexander b 1982
Hinchcliffe, Paul-Jon b 1962
Hinchcliffe, Peter Edward b 1938
Hinchcliffe, Shane Melissa b 1971
Hinchcliffe, Simon Brook b 1946
Hinchcliffe, Terence J b 1942
Hinchcliffe, Vicki Anne b 1964
Hinchcliffe, Vicki Ormond b 1944
Hinchcliffe, Zanthe b 1973
Holloway, Andrew b 1982 (South Africa) [family tree]
Holloway, Natalie Anne b 1983 (South Africa) [family tree]

Humphries, Carl William [family tree]
Humphries, Gretchen Lilias [family tree]
Humphries, Judith [family tree]
Humphries, Michael [family tree]
Humphries, Robert [family tree]
Illingworth, Elsie (England) [family tree] [notes]
James, Michel [Australia] [ family tree]
James, Sarah [Australia] [ family tree]
Jauncey, James [notes]
Jones, Leslie Curlewis [South Africa] (family tree)
Jones, Marjorie Curlewis [South Africa] (family tree)
Jones, Viviene Curlewis [South Africa] (family tree)
Joubert, Jahn b 1992 (South Africa) [family tree]
Joubert, Simone Charlotte b 1990 (South Africa) [family tree]
Kelly Zara b 2020 (South Africa/Australia) [family tree]
Kemp, Charles, [South Africa] (family tree)
Kemp, Lesley-Anne [South Africa] (family tree)
Kemp, Pamela [South Africa] (family tree)
Kemp, Ross [South Africa] (family tree)
Kennedy, Agnes b 1889 (England) [family tree]
Kennedy, Dorothy b 1886 (England) [family tree]
Kennedy, Edith b 1882 (England) [family tree]
Kennedy, Henry Florence b 1847 (England) [family tree]
Kennedy, James George b 1831 (Australia/England) [family tree]
Kennedy, James Hamilton
Kennedy, Margaret b 1883 (England) [family tree]
Kennedy, Olivia b 1879 (England) [family tree]
Kennedy, Ruth K b 1888 (England) [family tree]
King, Alice Christine [family tree]
King, Anthony Andrew [family tree]
King, Anthony King [family tree]
King, Anchuli Felicia b 1993 [family tree]
King, Aphiwan Natasha b 1993 [family tree]
King, Benjamin [family tree]
King, Beronelle [family tree]
King, Bronwyn b 1975 [family tree]
King, Cheryle [family tree]
King, Christopher John [family tree]
King, Daniel Nathan b 1987 [family tree]
King, Diane Elizabeth [family tree]
King, Elizabeth Grace [family tree]
King, Nellie b 1905 [family tree]
King, Fanny [family tree]
King, Felicia [family tree]
King, Frederick Ernest [family tree] [notes]
King, Garry James [family tree]
King, James Stewart [family tree]
King, Janice Dorothy [family tree]
King, Janie Christina [family tree]
King, Jennifer Tess b 1935 [family tree]
King, Jennifer Marjorie [family tree]
King, Jonathan b 1972 [family tree]
King, John Karl [family tree]
King, John Kenneth [family tree]
King, Kenneth [family tree]
King, Kenneth Lloyd [family tree]
King, Kerryn Maree [family tree]
King, Lisa Maree [family tree]
King, Marjorie Curlewis [family tree]
King, Melanie Jane b 1989 [family tree]
King, Meredith b 1969 [family tree]
King, Neil Frederick [family tree]
King, Nicholas Alexander [family tree]
King, Noel Septimus Lord[family tree]
King, Peter Noel [family tree]
King, Richard [family tree]
King, Rodney Kenneth b 1945 [family tree]
King, Roger Thomas [family tree]
King, Stephen Llewellyn [family tree]
King, Steven David Stewart b 1960 [family tree]
King, Stewart William [family tree]
King, Terence David b 1939[family tree]
King, Thomas b 1975 [family tree]
King, Thomas Henry [family tree]
King, Jackson Tyler [family tree]
King, Whitney [family tree]
King, William David [family tree]
Krogh, Eileen (South Africa) [family tree]
Krogh, Ferdinand Egbert[South Africa] [family tree]
Krogh, Ferdinand (South Africa) [family tree]
Krogh, Jacobus Christoffell [South Africa, Australia] [ family tree]
Krogh, John Eric [family tree]
Krogh, Marilyn b? (South Africa) [family tree]
Krogh, Melissa-Leigh b 1992 (South Africa) [family tree]
Krogh, Meloney b 1984 (South Africa) [family tree]

Krogh, Michael [South Africa] [family tree]
Krogh, Reginal Edward Gordon [South Africa] [ family tree]
Krogh, Stewart (South Africa) [family tree]
Krogh, Walter [South Africa] s[family tree]Kunz, Marissa [family tree]
Kunz, Abeagyel b 1998 (South Africa) [family tree]
Kunz, Petrus Lavras Lodewikus b 2000 (South Africa) [family tree]
Kunz, Riana [family tree]
Kunz, Willem [family tree]
Ledgard, Maurice (England) [family tree]
Ledgard, Vera (England) [family tree]
Lee, Cooper James [family tree]
Liebeck, Claire [Australia] [ family tree]
Lillye, Anne-Marie (Australia) [family tree]
Lillye, David (Australia) [ family tree]
Lillye, Jacqeline (Australia) [family tree]
Lillye, Joan (Australia) [family tree]
Lillye, Mark (Australia) [family tree]
Lillye, Matthew,[Australia] [ family tree]
Lillye, Peter (Australia) [family tree]
Lillye, Susan (Australia) [family tree]
Lorton, James Saxon [family tree]
Lombard, Carina b 1993 (South Africa) [family tree]
Lombard, Rita b 2000 (South Africa) [family tree]
Maddison, James [SouthAfrica/UK] [family tree]
Maddison, Carla [South Africa/UK] [family tree]
Malakonis, Alexander Thomas b 2003 [australia] [family tree]
Malakonis, Zachary Dean b 1999[Australia] [family tree]
Malherbe, Christina (South Africa) [family tree]
Malherbe, Dora (South Africa) [family tree]
Malherbe, Gideon (South Africa) [family tree]
Malherbe, Justina Wilhelmina Nancy (South Africa) [family tree]
Malherbe, Mary (South Africa) [family tree]
Malherbe, Susan (South Africa) [family tree]
Marshall, Molly-ella b 2009 [family tree]
Marshall, Nicholas Lee b. 1976 [family tree]
Martin, Kate b 1973
Martin, Jodi b 1969
Martin, Matthew b 1970
Martin-Bromley, Evangeline [Australia] b 2008
Maslin, Ashley Laura b 1998
Maslin, Burnham b 1939
Maslin, Caitlin Elizabeth b 1997
Maslin, Corrine Helen b 1976
Maslin, Dylan Boyd b 2004 [family tree]
Maslin, Gregory James b 1976
Maslin, James b 1943
Maslin, Karen Marie b 1961
Maslin, Mitchell James b 2000 [family tree]
Maslin, Makayla Rae b 2004 [family tree]
Maslin, Paul Richard b 1963
Maslin, Richard b 1939
Maslin, Suellen Mary b 1968
Medland, Callum Thomas b 1996 [family tree]
McConnell, Molly [family tree]
McConnell, Patrick [family tree]
McCormack, Oliver Peter Campbell [family tree] b 2008
Minnaar, Damil Johan Frederick born? (South Africa) [family tree]
Minnaar, Dirk Jacobus born? (South Africa) [family tree]
Minnaar, Hermann Lambertus born? (South Africa) [family tree]
Minnaar, Isaac Jozua, born? (South Africa) [family tree]
Minnaar, Jacob Johannes born? (South Africa) [family tree]
Minnaar, Jan de Ville born? (South Africa) [family tree]
Minnaar, Johanna Frederika Magdalena born? (South Africa) [family tree]
Minnaar, Jozua Johannes born? (South Africa) [family tree]
Minnaar, Marius born? (South Africa) [family tree]
Minnaar Pieter Bernhardus born? (South Africa) [family tree]
Minnaar, Susannan Margaretha born? (South Africa) [family tree]

Moller, Alfred Julius [family tree]
Moller, Bertoline [family tree]
Moller, Carl Christian [family tree]
Moller, Carl Ernest [family tree]
Moller, Caroline Curlewis [family tree] b 1883 [image]
Moller, Edith [family tree]
Moller, Einart Hans [family tree]
Moller, Ellen Jean [family tree]
Moller, Eva Constance [family tree]
Moller, Fannie Aiton [family tree] [notes]
Moller, Flora MacFarlane [family tree]
Moller, Frederick Campbell [family tree]
Moller, Frederick Francis Curlewis [family tree]
Moller, Gretchen Jessie [family tree]
Moller, Hellen [family tree]
Moller, Lynn [family tree]
Moller, Margaret [family tree]
Moller, Margarita [family tree] b 1885 [image]
Moller, Nellie Christina [family tree]
Moller, Rae [family tree]
Moller, Ruth [family tree]
Moore, Joshua b 2004 [Australia] [family tree]
Moore, Zoe b 2005 [Australia] [family tree]
Morgan, Adam [Australia] [ family tree]
Morgan, Brett [Australia] [ family tree]
Morgan, Brianna [Australia] [ family tree]
Morgan, Tahlia [Australia] [ family tree]
Mountford, Daniel b 1995 (South Africa) [family tree]
Mountford, Frederick b 1988 (South Africa)[family tree]
Mountford, Jacorine b 1989 (South Africa) [family tree]
Muir, Copper Geoffrey b 2015 (Australia) [family tree]
Muir, Kalini Paige b 2016 (Australia) [family tree]
Muir, Logan Michael b 2015 (Australia) [family tree]
Muir, Oliver Lyall b 2009 (Australia) [family tree]

Muir, Travis Alexander Hugh b 1986 (Australia) [family tree]
Munday, Daniel Patrick b 1960 [family tree]
Munday, Jayne Ellen b 1986 [family tree]
Munday, Jennifer Vicki b 1959 [family tree]
Munday, Meaghan Jane b 1966 [family tree]
Munday, Michael John b 1957 [family tree]
Munday, Riley Kathleen b 1984 [family tree]
Munday, Sharyn Kathleen b 1963 [family tree]
Munday, Shaun James b 1979 [family tree]
Murray, Emile Carl. b 1989 (South Africa) [family tree]
Murray, Nicolene, b 1987 (South Africa) [family tree]

Murray, Werner b 1990 (South Africa) [family tree]
Nash, Doughlas Ellis b? [South Africa] [family tree]
Neff, Allison b? [USA] [family tree]
Neff, Brian b ? [USA] [family tree]
Neff, David b ? [USA] [family tree]
Neff, Ivan Curlewis [family tree]
Neff, Justin b 1969 [family tree]
Neff, Karen b? [USA] [family tree]
Neff, Mark b 1966 [family tree]
Neff, Mark b? [USA] [family tree]
Neff, Peter [family tree]
Neff, Peter Curlewis b 1955 [USA] [family tree]
Neff, Roderick [family tree][notes]
Neff, Stephen b? [USA] [family tree]
Neilson, Jacob Mathew b 2001 [family tree]
Neilson, Tyler Alexander b 1999 [family tree]
Nicholson, Ben b 1984 [family tree]
Nicholson, Kate b 1985 [family tree]
Nicholson, Lauren b 1982 [family tree]
O'Brien, Cyril Howard, b 1878
O'Brien, Edith Lucy b 1872
O'Brien, Elsie Maude b 1875
O'Brien, Eric Norman b 1877
O'Brien, Ernest Edwin b 1871
O'Brien, Georgina Sophia
O'Brien, Jenny Ormond b 1932
O'Brien, John Ormond b 1919 [notes]
O'Brien, Lucius
O'Brien Marianne Julie
O'Brien, Nancy Edith b 1916
Oosthuysen, Daniel Du Plessis b 2005 (South Africa) [family tree]
Oosthuysen, Marthinus Johannes b 2002 (South Africa) [family tree]
Oosthuysen, Twane b 2002 d 2002(South Africa) [family tree]
Page, Ellen Kathleen b 1993 [family tree]
Page, James Ryan b 1986 [family tree]
Page, Kristen Louise b 1988 [family tree]
Parker, Andrew (Australia) [family tree]
Parker, Matthew (Australia) [family tree]
Parker, Samantha (Australia) [family tree]
Penny, Alison, [Australia] [ family tree]
Penny, Andrew b 1973 [Australia] [family tree]
Penny, Jake b 1996 [Australia] [ family tree]
Penny, Karlee b 1984 [Australia] [family tree]
Penny, Katherine [Australia] [family tree]
Penny, Luke b 1993 [Australia] [family tree]
Penny, Michael [Australia] [family tree]
Penny, Naome [Australia] [family tree]
Penny, Neil [Australia] [family tree]
Penny, Phillip [Australia] [family tree]
Penny, Rebecca b 1980 [Australia] [family tree]
Penny, Ross [Australia] [family tree]
Penny Scott, [Australia] [family tree]
Perkins, Lisa Catrina b 1975 [Australia] [family tree]
Perkins, Melinda Kylie b 1977 (Australia) [family tree]
Poole, Adrian Peter
Poole, Amelia Kathryn
Poole, Arabella
Poole, Belinda
Poole, Charlie Geoffrey Davies b 2007 [family tree]
Poole, David
Poole, Susan
Pozza, Julian Curlewis b 1990 Australia [family tree]
Pozza, Richard Thomas b 1992
Prentice, Sarah
Qurik, Annalee Riva b 2008 Australia [family tree]
Quirk, Bayley Douglas b 1999 [family tree]
Quirk, Christian Campbell [family tree]
Quirk, Clancie John [family tree]
Quirk, Dana Charles [family tree]
Quirk, Kelly Isabella [family tree]
Qurik, Lauren Louise [family tree]
Quirk, Morgan Douglas [family tree]
Quirk, Richard John [family tree]
Ross, Andrea [Australia] [family tree]
Ross, Benjamin [Australia] [family tree]
Ross, Elizabeth [Australia] [family tree]
Ross, Rebecca [Australia] [family tree]
Sauer, Celeste b 1900 (South Africa) [family tree]
Sauer, Cecil Hans B b 1898 (South Africa)  [family tree]
Saxton, Jocelyn Grenville [family tree]
Saxton, Vicki Grenville [family tree]
Schravesande, Jurnia b? (South Africa) [family tree]
Schravesande, Louis b 1965 (South Africa) [family tree]
Schravesande, Pieter b? (South Africa) [family tree]
Sharpe, Angus
Sharpe, Juliet
Sharpe, Philippa
Siedl, Sabrina b 2002 (South Africa) [family tree]
Siedl, Stephen b 2001 (South Africa) [family tree]
Simms, Adrienne Georgia
Simms, Alexander Geoffrey
Simms, Emily Luisa
Simms Lillian Victoria
Slater, Shannon Derek Johannes b 2004 [family tree]
Smedy Andrew Michael (South Africa) [family tree]
Smedy, Megan Catherine (South Africa) [family tree]
Smit, Jaco (South Africa) [family tree]
Smit, Melissa (South Africa) [family tree]
Smith, Sharni (South Africa) [family tree]

Solomon, George [family tree]
Solomn, Hilda [family tree]
Solomon, Lawrence Curlewis [family tree]
Solomon, Muriel Irene [family tree]
Solomon, Walter Theodore [family tree]
Spiro, Annabelle
Spiro, Nicholas
Stankovich, Jett Isabella b 2001 [family tree]
Stankovich, Mackenzie Luc [family tree]
Steven (surname unknown) South Africa [family tree]
Szeiman, Mia b 2013 (South Africa) [family tree]
Szeiman Mihaly Sean Anthony b 1967 (South Africa) [family tree]
Tamsen, Conrad Christof b 1997 (South Africa) [family tree]
Tamsen, Eric b 1995 (South  Africa) [family tree]
Tamsen, Rudolf Heindrich b 1999 (South Africa) [family tree]
Temby, Abbey Elizabeth [family tree]
Temby, Bethwyn [family tree]
Temby, Cameron James
Temby, Craig [family tree]
Temby, John
Tombs, Barbara [family tree]
Tombs, John Raymond [family tree]
Tombs, Lorraine [family tree]
Tonga, James b 1988 Australia [family tree]
Tonga, Jessica b 1994 (Australia) [family tree]
Turner, Ethel [family tree] [notes]
Urquhart, Blake Edward b 2014 (Australia) [family tree]
Urquhart, Emily b 2010 (Australia) [family tree]
Van Der Marwe, Liam Andreas 2012 (South Africa) [family tree]
Van Esch, Belinda b 1979
Van Esch, Lisa b 1976
Van Esch, Rebecca b 1979
van Rooyen, Johannes Lodewikus b 1991 (South Africa) [family tree]
van Rooyen, Maria Aletta b 1993 (South Africa) [family tree]
van Rooyen, Petrus Lafras Lodewikus b 1996 (South Africa) [family tree]
van Schalkwyk, Albert Graeme  2013 (South Africa) [family tree]
van Schalkwyk, Caron b 1972 (South Africa) [family tree]
van Schalkwyk, George Lucan b 2009 (South Africa) [family tree]
van Schalkwyk, Graeme b 1970 (South Africa) [family tree]
Welsh, Joanna Lucy (England) [family tree]
Welsh, Katy Jane (England) [family tree]
Wendt, Harley Thomas b 1994 (Australia) [family tree]
Wendt, Jonathon b 1992 (Australia) [family tree]
Wendt, Samuel Brandon b 1990 (Australia) [ family tree]
Wentzel, Ivan b 1985 (South Africa) [family tree]
Wentzel, Llewellyn b 1980 (South Africa) [family tree]
Wentzel, Waldimar Wilfred b 1981 (South Africa) [family tree]

Wentzel, Xander Quentin b 1987 (South Africa) [family tree]
Wilkinson, Jason Karl b 1978 (Australia) [family tree]
Wilkinson, Trent Andre b 1976 (Australia) [family tree]
Young, Alison (England) [family tree]

Young, Anthony Peter b 1961 (England) [family tree]
Young, Arthur Curlewis b 1916 Aust [family tree]   [notes]

 Young, Ben (England) [family tree]

Young, Bryony Hannah b 1991 (England) [family tree]
Young, Gary (England) [family tree]
Young, Graham Alexander b 1954 (England) [family tree]
Young, Katherine Rebecca Florence b 1994 (England) [family tree]
Young, Laura (England) [family tree]
Young, Neil (England) [family tree]
Young, Stephen Douglas b 1950 (England) [family tree]